Adventure! Exciting, right?


What comes to mind? Chopping through lush vines in a jungle in humid air that feels just as thick. Riding a camel across a sun-baked desert, sand swirling underfoot. You know, basically unleashing your inner Indiana Jones.

Adventure isn’t just about traveling to far-flung destinations or once in a lifetime experiences. It comes in all shapes and sizes, With the right perspective anything in life can seem like an adventure (how about that quiet hiking trail just 10 minutes from your front door?). Maps are key to unlocking adventure, big or small.

Growing up in a military family, those “keys” were very important for me. We moved a lot, criss-crossing the United States from Maine to Alaska, and even spent four years in Japan. Every new home increased my love for travel and adventure — and my curiosity to learn about new places and their history.

Most of all I'd give anything for a good map. How better to discover a new location without even setting foot there? This also explains why as a kid you’d often find my nose in an encyclopedia.

And while fascinated by them, creating maps never occurred to me as a full time career — cartographers of the past were trailblazers and adventure seekers no doubt … but most modern map makers work in bureaucratic, fluorescent-lit government offices. I just couldn’t picture myself in that way.

Still, my curiosity led me back to maps in graduate school where I specialized in sustainability, geographic information systems (GIS) and cartography. At the same time I worked at the School of Art & Design print lab, a creative environment that pushed me to think about design and learn from others. And then it came to me. City Blueprints were the result of an idea to marry what I was learning in school — a disciplined approach to data visualization that succinctly conveys information — with graphic design.

Never sure where this pet project would go, family and friends encouraged me to start a Kickstarter campaign. In less than 30 days I met and ultimately exceed my goal — by 375%! — and was inspired to finally imagine what a career in artistic map design could be.

So in October 2012, MapHazardly was born.

And it’s been an adventure ever since. My aim is to create art that looks great and that my customers are excited display or give as a gift. Every map has a personal story woven through it, and helping people share, relive or plan their next adventure are the moments I love. Even still, I design for myself as well. Each map starts a new story for me too, taking me to places near and far, I get to be that kid buried in an encyclopedia all over again.

So what adventure story will your next map tell? Let’s get going!


Maps proudly designed & printed in the Pacific Northwest

I've lived all over, but no place ever felt quite like home until Portland. I arrived in 1998. And I've stayed ever since.

The city and surrounding regions inspire me, and the lifestyle is the perfect intersection of hipster coffee drinks, vegan noms, craft beer and sustainable living.