It's your adventure.

Tell your story with a custom map. Anything is possible.


Relive any adventure, or start the next one today.

Creating a custom map is easy. Get started right away. Just choose a map style and then personalize it. And your adventure can go wherever you like — the options available are just a starting point. I'll work with you one on one to design the map right for your adventure and space.


A unique gift for family members.

Our family lived in Okinawa, Japan for four years while my dad was in the military. I designed this map as a birthday gift to help him relive the times we had on the island.

Chronicle your family vacation.

This City Blueprint captures a tropical ten day vacation to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Each point of interest shares sights and stories seen around the island.

Design a map of any city.

Don't see your city? No problem — create a personal map of your hometown, cities you've traveled to or the home of your alma mater. No 
adventure is too big or small.


Design a custom map for any occasion.

Some ideas to inspire your next map.

Maps can be customized or designed to tell any story. Bring your travel and experiences to life as a work of art, and illustrate a rich story to share with others.

Custom maps also make great gifts. Memorialize special moments and life events from vacations to graduations or engagements to marathons.

  • Wedding invitation graphics and guest book

  • Company gifts for customers or colleagues

  • Housewarming present for first-time home owner

  • College graduation or dorm art in school colors

  • Group vacation memento for friends

  • Corporate art for lobbies, entryways and offices


Show off your school or team pride with custom colors.

A Brown University alum captured college memories spent in Providence, with custom white, Seal brown and Cardinal red.

Cherish special moments with loved ones.

A newly-wed couple created a hallmark memento from their engagement in Charleston, South Carolina.


Here's what MapHazardly customers are saying.

I was impressed with the quality of the prints and my daughter was thrilled with her gift. They were the first pictures she hung in her new home.
— Laura / Tuscaloosa & Birmingham City Blueprints
This print really brightens my apartment. It inspires me every time I look at it. This is the first rainbow flag I’ve ever owned. It connects me to everyone who is working towards marriage equality in Michigan and the US.
— Stephen / Michigan Pride Print
I asked for a custom order map for a wedding gift with additional callouts of places that meant something to the married couple. I can’t say enough good things about the work and [Christopher].
— DC/Arlington City Blueprint