Custom Pride Print


Custom Pride Print

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The nitty-gritty: Cost covers one time design fee + one printed map of your chosen size. For detail-minded folks, this is no copy-paste kinda work. Custom maps include data-crunching before any of the fancy-pants design work. All custom designs are kept on record, and can be re-ordered at any time at the regular price and at any other size offered. Here's an example: you order a custom 24” × 36” map and then later want to re-order smaller 8” × 10” copies. You will pay $145 for the initial map, but then only $24 per 8” × 10” re-order.

About Pride Prints

Adventure is meant to be shared. That’s a core belief at MapHazardly. So is the idea that everyone deserves to share life — the ultimate adventure — with the person they love. In short, marriage equality is a basic human right. The fight for that right has certainly been its own adventure of ups and downs since 2000 when Vermont first recognized civil unions in the LGBT community.

On June 26, 2015 the United States Supreme Court finally made one thing clear: #LOVEWINS. After a long fight, we can say love and commitment transcend politics and bigotry. I'm proud to design and share these maps that celebrate our victory and commemorate love and equality for everyone.

So where are you proud to call home?